Kranking® Showcase Facilities


the swimming hole
75 weeks hill road
stowe, VT 05673
on-site contact: Charlotte Brynn

    About The Swimming Hole:
  • 12 Johnny G KRANKcycles
  • 30  - Group Exercise classes /wk
  • 5 - Kranking®/Spinning® Classes /wk
  • 7 - Kranking® Classes /wk
  • 7 Johnny G College of Knowledge Kranking educated Instructors
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    From the Executive Director:

    Charlotte Brynn - Exec Director The Swimming Hole

    As the Executive Director of a community pool & fitness center it is a privilege to have Krankcycles in our facility.

     The Krankcycle is a progressive piece of equipment that is both user friendly and non intimidating, it has allowed us to accommodate our current members' varied needs and attract new members through its unique characteristics, it's upper body cardiovascular training allows our members with lower limb limitations to not only continue to exercise but also gain improvements in their balance, and both core and upper body muscular strength and endurance. Our members are attracted to the big bang for the buck from a 20 minute training session on just one piece of equipment.

    We have found it a great personal training tool from training athletes to those returning to exercise post cardiac surgery. In group fitness we have utilized the Krankcycle by integrating it into our existing classes jazzing them up and creating a new buzz, we also been able to introduce great new programs utilizing the Krankcycle including a new specialty class geared toward seniors preventing osteoporosis and reducing the risk of falls and a kids program to reduce childhood obesity.

    With the Krankcycle the options are endless, if you open your mind to the possibilities of both helping and reaching everyone from kids to seniors, to able bodied and those with limitations your ship will come in both in personal satisfaction and your bottom line.

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