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south Jordan fitness  & Aquatic Center
10866 S. Redwood Rd
south Jordan, Utah
On-Site Contact: Sherrie Vander Veur

Facility Manager, Sherrie Vander Veur, of the South Jordan Rec Center was among the first to bring Kranking to the State of Utah. 

Their current schedule of classes offers 60 classes per  week, including Senior focused "Silver Sneakers" classes, and 20 Kranking classes per week.

They started their Kranking Program with 6 KRANKcylcles and just two certified instructors. Following a recent remodel, they introduced their members to the equipment by holding 20-minute demo classes during an Open House celebration.  The following week, they published their schedule offering several Kranking classes, the classes proved to be so popular they immediately had to go to a "reservation-only" system.

Seeing the positive member response, they decided to purchase 4 additional KRANKcycles, to help meet the demand, and to date are considering the purchase of at least 3 more units.

As for the overwhelming success of her program, Sherrie attributes it to the KRANKcycle's versatility and ease of use, "I have been able to reach people that would never have walked into a group fitness room."   As visible from the photos, their classes are held out in the open; the music echoes throughout their center and the energy is just amazing!   "People stop to watch,  and eventually sign up, "  she explains.  "Every Monday morning at 5 am I have a line of people out the door to get signed up for the weeks classes."

Sherrie has also had great success with offering sport specific sessions.   The Aquatics manager schedules private training on the KRANKcycle with his swim team.  "We have also gotten the water aerobics people out of the water and into their own Kranking class three days a week," says Sherrie.  "I have all ages and fitness levels that participate."

South Jordan Rec center runs over 220 people through Kranking classes every week, adding that the KRANKcycles are moved onto the sun deck every Saturday morning, where they hold two (packed) classes. 

    About South Jordan Recreation Center
  • 50,000 ft2
  • 2,700 Members
  • 60 - Group Exercise classes /wk
  • 20 - Kranking® Classes /wk
  • 10 Johnny G KRANKcycles
  • 15 Certified Instructors
  • Click here for more information about the South Jordan Recreation Center.

    Success stories:


    " ... I have worked with a senior that had suffered a stroke. The first time I showed him the KRANKcycle, I had to help him get move the headstock around. Within a month he was able to power it by himself and now has increased his resistance and speed."

    " ... I have two ladies that have each lost over 100lbs by exercising and have now taken their fitness level up a notch with the KRANKcycle, they are amazed by the new definition in their arms as they have never had it before."

    Sherrie Vander Veur
    Facility Director / Kranking® Instructor
    South Jordan Fitness & Aquatics Center,
    South Jordan, UT

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