Kranking® Showcase Facilities


Frog´s Fitness
780 Garden View Court
Encinitas, CA
On-Site Contact: Debbie Winner

Becoming a Kranking® showcase facility is no easy feat. To be considered, the facility must meet several criteria, including having a fully qualified Instructor and Trainer team, successful intetgration of the Johnny G KRANKcycle by Matrix into several areas of thier club, and an energized and engaged member base.

As a participant in the KRANKcycle® beta test program, the indoor cycling, personal training, and management teams at Frog's Fitness in Encinitas, California, have in many ways, set the bar for any facility seeking a model for successful implementation.

Frog's has placed KRANKcycles in strategic locations throughout their club:

  • Two on the fitness floor, available for Personal Trainer led "Express Workouts" and for individual use (and they are constantly in use!)
  • Five in the cycling studio for use during all scheduled Fusion, POWERKranking™, and Spinning® with Krankcycle, classes.
    To view a schedule of classes, click here, and select "Club Schedule".

Perhaps the most significant affect the KRANKcycle has had upon the facility, has  been in the Indoor Cycling program. Spinning® Director, Colleen Reilly, has taken a very proactive approach to making Kranking a part of every scheduled Spinning class at the Encinitas club. "All Spinning classes offer Kranking and all scheduled instructors have been through the Kranking Fundamentals qualification training and are comfortable with cueing the Kranking portion during the classes. We have quite a few members who try to get some Kranking time in during every spinning session," reports Reilly.

Colleen adds that adding POWER Kranking to her schedule immediately following 3 popular Spinning timeslots, has provided a great service to her members who are able to effectively use their training time to get a great full-body workout.

Colleen has also seen great success in replacing more lightly attended Spinning class timeslots with Krank Fusion, a power-packed, 40 minute, high-intensity class utilizing 10-4 minute intervals wtih alternating work on the Krankcycle and Spinner. By making this change, members get a calorie-incinerating workout for both thier upper and lower body in a relatively short training session. "I am especially pleased with the Fusion classes. I dropped those onto the schedule to replace under performing Spinning classes and the numbers have picked up in all 3 slots."

An added benefit is that the club sees a more efficient utilization of resources with class participation in these timeslots showing a 25% increase in attendance!

By implementing the requirement for all scheduled Spinning instructors to become "Kranking-qualified," Colleen has provided the members with a Johnny G College of Knowledge educated teaching staff; credentials  amongst the most respected and sought-after in the industry.

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    From a Manager's Perspective:

    "The energy and focus that is put into any program will determine how successful it will, or won´t be. The energy starts with the leadership from the club manager and the department manager. I believe that in order to make any program successful, you must first obtain buy-in from everyone from the trainers and instructors to the front desk and management staff. When the entire team has a clear understanding of a program's benefits, they become excited about it; that enthusiasm quickly spreads to the members.

    "I believe this is why we have had great success with the KRANKcycle and Fusion program here at Encinitas. It started with a common goal, and setting an expectation as well as accountability from the managers in order to make it happen.

    "Another even more important component in the implementation of the Kranking program, was to provide a learning and growth experience for the instructors and trainers. We were able to host the "Kranking Fundamentals" training at our facility, which provided a solid basis for how they would educate and train our memners. The education they received further emphasized the benefits of the program, which positioned the product in a very positive light so that it became something they wanted to implement."

    Debbie Winner, General Manager
    Frog's Fitness Encinitas

    About Frog´s Fitness Encinitas:
  • 18,000 ft2
  • 3,500 Members
  • 80 - Group Exercise classes /wk
  • 15 - Kranking®/Spinning® Classes /wk
  • 7 Johnny G KRANKcycles, 35 Spinner Pros
  • 4 - POWER Kranking Classes /wk
  • 3 - Krank Fusion Classes /wk
  • 15 Johnny G College of Knowledge Kranking Certified Instructors
  • Click here for more information about Frog's Fitness

    Personal Training Success:

    "I have been using the KRANKcycle to train my client, who suffered a stroke not so long ago. It has helped her tremendously, both in buiding range of motion and stability. This machine should be in every gym and rehab facility because it works!"

    Johnny Archer
    Personal Trainer & Kranking/Spinning Instructor
    Frog's Fitness, Encinitas

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