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Dynamic Life Coaching, LLC
300 South Hamilton Ave
Greensburg, PA 15601
on-site contact: Curt Gsell

    About Dynamic Life Coaching:
  • 1,000 ft2 Private Training Facility
  • 12 Group Exercise classes/wk
    • KRANK Fusion
    • POWER Kranking
    • Spinning
  • 4 Johnny G KRANKcycles
  • 16 Star Trac Spinner Pros
  • Kettelbell Training
  • Sport Specific Trainng for:
    • Runners
    • Cyclists
    • Triathletes
    • Golf and Tennis
  • Johnny G College of Knowledge Kranking educated Trainers

    Curt Gsell, Dynamic Life Coaching, LLC"Becoming a Johnny G Kranking facility brought one of the most profound changes in both philosophy in training technique that I have ever experienced. Beginning over sixteen years ago with the Spinning program and personal training, Kranking became the natural progression to providing a complete and effective training for my clients.

    In the private one on one training environment, the Krankcycles provide dynamic increases in both strength and range of motion, not only for athletes and general population, but also those in need of rehabilitation. We have found through our own experiences that there are no other methods or machines that provide similar or comparable results, particularly when used with athletes including swimmers, golfers, and tennis players.

    In our group fitness classes, we have always offered complete cardiovascular fitness training utilizing heart rate monitors designed to meet specific training goals. By monitoring changes in performance, heart rate and recovery time we generate detailed training programs for our clients. Whether performance oriented or general health and fitness, the Krankcycles have taken our facility to a new level.

    In an entirely different scenario, I also use the Krankcycles as part of my life coaching program. Using programmed music and movements on the Krankcycle, we have found that a therapeutic or also meditative state can be achieved. The fluid movement of the hands and upper body. combined with breathing technique create a calm energy that enhances the ability for the mind to relax and become free of negative thoughts or energy. Life is brought to a peaceful meditative state providing recovery for mind, body, and spirit."

    Curt Gsell

    Dynamic Life Coaching, LLC


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